Rules for all servers!

1. Player Name
Player names (in plain text only and without special characters) may not imply positions of authority (e.g. admin, mod, etc.).
Also prohibited are names that are in any way racist, sexist, homophobic, discriminatory, political, harassing, personally offensive or derogatory.

2. Chat Language
Danish or English. For better understanding, it is recommended to choose English.
Bad language/Racism will NOT be tolerated.

3. Admins
Admins can only be contacted via support-ticket. Questions that can also be answered by the community are asked in General

4. Cheating
Cheating is strictly prohibited, will not be tolerated in any way and will result in a direct ban without warning.
Additionally, a general game ban will be initiated. Bugabusing, glitching and the misuse of game functions that are not part of the game will also be punished.

5. Teamsize
Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad group limit, respect the limits, this also means no alliances, no resource sharing between different teams.
No Team Switching or adding new members from other teams mid-wipe.

6. Gray Areas
Bypassing rules and exploiting loopholes or gray areas will be punished just like any other rule violation. This can lead to exclusion through a permanent server ban.

Egging each other on and challenging each other is part of PvP gameplay. And still you can be sportive, fair and respectful with each other.
We play together on this server as a community to have fun together. Get killed and get raided is just as much a part of it as anything else.
Please think beforehand whether it is absolutely necessary to destroy everything senselessly for your opponent. Be fair to each other!
Griefing or Toxicity, Griefing means blocking off raided bases or Building loot areas inside Walled Areas, this WILL trigger a BAN

8. VAC/Gamebans:
Accounts with more than 2 VAC/GAMEBAN and accounts with VAC or GB less than 60 days will not be able to join any of my